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Default 13 Years Past

Well I guess it's officially over.

13 years ago a letter was drafted to 789 Chrysler dealers telling them they were done. We received it on the 14th of May 2009 by a UPS delivery. My Grandfather started with Nash and was loyal, as was my Dad and Me and my Son. We lasted through the changes in franchises over 80 years. Sold some real marginal product at times but continued to take care of customers and employees.

The part I hate is the fact that this POS company deemed my families 80.....YEP 80 years of support worthless. A slap in the face to my Grandfather and Dad. I had many friends lose their stores as well. Many with heritages like mine or longer.

Getting back to the first sentence. Our lawsuit was thrown out by the supreme court just before Christmas last year. Any chance of vindication is gone. Big companies and the Government s&!t on small companies again with no responsibility.

Not many of us left here anymore. Really a shame. We helped each other through maybe the worst time of our lives. Thank you all for that, it helped more than you know. I hope I helped all of you in some small way.

I haven't moved on, probably never will. Two people I'd love to speak to before I die are Jim Press and Judge Firestone........Just because.

Well, tonight I will raise a Double Crown on the rocks in remembrance of all of my Chrysler brothers and GM cousins that lost their life's work to a bunch of cooperate and government suits that had no idea what our business was about. Join me at 9:00 PM central with your beverage of choice as we toast all those effected by this mass theft.

Love you guys.....Miss you.


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I heard you and so joined the toast. We all deserved better. It seems these days that instead of the government protecting citizens from “enemies foreign and domestic”, we, the citizens have been redefined as the enemy of the government. Sorry, just wandered way off the subject. Must be that second “toast!”
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Not many left, we are all but forgotten, but some are still here and do remember.
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Raising a glass to the hope that truly what goes around comes around for the companies who forgot how they began. You go ahead Big Corp; knock out your foundations and see how you still stand.
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