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Default GM special tools

What do the letter designations at the beginning of the tool number indicate? J, EN, BO, CH, DT, EL, etc.
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Found something:

GE-General (general tools, maintenance tools, HVAC)
EN-Engine (all engine related tools)
DT-Transmission (all AT, MT, and differential tools)
CH-Chassis (wheels, tires, brakes, steering, suspension, axle, subframe)
EL-All electrical and SIR tools
BO-All body, frame, and trim tools
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and many of those will change to J-
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Here's a history lesson for you. K-M (its predecessor Hinckley Myers) has been around since about 1917. The original prefixes were tied to the city of manufacturer, with J for Jackson, MI, K & KMO for Kalamzoo, MI, and many others. K-M consolidated all, keeping a few KMO series numbers in to the 60's but using J almost exclusively until the turn of the century when Pontiac G-3/G-5 came out and they recycled some K series prefixes again. They numbered tools chronologically, the lower the number, the older the tool. Except of course for those Pontiac G-series cars.

For any of you techs with knowledge of closing dealers who want to sell special tool inventory, I offer a bounty, contact me for details.

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