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Default McDonald's Franchise Owner shot and killed at his restaurant

News reports indicate a 68 year old man who owned a McDonald's Franchise was shot and killed outside of his restaurant in Houston. For the full report - click here

What was most chilling about this story to me is the suspicion that the killing may be the result of an inside job. The owner of the McDonald's, Carroll Oliver, was making the morning bank deposit and was walking to his SUV in the parking lot when he was ambushed and shot.

Police suspect that a former or current employee may have tipped off the killers that Oliver had a routine that made it apparent when he was going to take the cash receipts to the bank for deposit. Oliver was armed and shot back at his killers but he was simply outnumbered.

To the extent that I know a lot of Dealers and GMs often deal with cash and bank deposits please use this story as an example and be cautious. Additionally, while it would be against my nature, the best thing to do in a situation like this is probably to give up the money with as little confrontation as possible.
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I've read a couple of other media reports and at this time the suspects are still at large.

It was reported that Mr. Oliver owned several McDonald's Restaurants and was known as a man who would give people a chance when making hiring decisions.

Concerning the crime, I imagine that fast food restaurants are seen as "soft targets" for criminals. I don't think I've ever seen a armored truck make a pick-up at a fast food restaurant despite the fact that I'm sure the majority of the transactions are still done in cash.
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