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Default What does Diaz need to fix to revive Nissan?

I'll concede I'm not an expert when it comes to Nissan's Dealer Body, their product pipeline or their future. That said, I've gathered a few impressions over the years that might prompt some discussion.

In my eyes Nissan has a reputation as being a demanding OEM with marginal dealer relations. It's my understanding that Nissan has a history of using stair-step incentives and two-tier pricing and the factory has been very demanding that their dealers build conforming facilities to retain their franchise agreement.

I also have the impression that while Nissan builds a quality vehicle their styling is lacking and most of their vehicles need to be sold. I don't think there are too many Nissan products that sell themselves - their vehicles are largely sold on price and aggressive dealer marketing.

On a final note, I also think Nissan is like Honda and Toyota in that the majority of their product and marketing decisions are still made in Japan. While Diaz will be responsible for Nissan's U.S. operations he likely will not have control of all the variables that are necessary to compete with the other OEMs.

If you were advising Diaz, what would you suggest he do to revive Nissan?
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