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Default Takeoff credit

Basically accounting is wanting 1500.00 credited back to the deal for the old take offs ....how would you go about billing that out?
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Can you get rid of the takeoffs on another vehicle down the road?

If so, you're not billing anything right away. You'd give them a part # and receipt them in to your inventory at a cost of $1500. Or split it up in 4 equal amounts in case you only sell 1 or 2 at a time.
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Or you can create a part number, and make a parts invoice (credit) .
My question is, did you approve taking back the take offs?
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In Bloom -I billed it to the Unit that the 22"s were going on. When I got my credit from the AD, the sales department could have their credit.

zep - You can't use them on another vehicle, they are 22" transit wheels, they are solid with no venting holes.

Mega - this is another of GM's forced on the dealer programs, most anything with a factory 22" wheel comes on transit wheels, the dealer is charged $1,500 for the core when the ADI ships the pre-mounted tire/wheel combo. And then you have to fight with the ADI to get them to pick up the take-offs.
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Ahh yes, I remember that silly program of theirs.

I wasn't even thinking that these would be those things.
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L.P.O.'s Less Parts sales Opportunity.. just a headache for the parts dept.
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Default Lpo wheels

Those transit wheels are to be sent back to your accessory distributor, they will give you credit, and ship them back to GM for use at the assembly plant.

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