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I'm a bit late to this thread but think it's a great topic.

On the West Coast the vast majority of Dealerships run with the Open Floor concept for both the sales staff and management. Maybe I'm biased because Open Floor is the only thing I have experience with but I think it's the best solution from a staffing and profit standpoint.

I agree with conn02 that there's a risk that the sales staff will gravitate toward used cars because that's where the money is but that can be addressed with pay plans and other incentives. The other downside can relate to the Sales Training and Certification programs your OEM demands and how intensive they are.

From a desking standpoint, I can think of deals where a customer came in on a used car and the desk flipped them to a new car because the rebates and advance structure made it easier to get the customer out of the trade vehicle they were buried in.

In my opinion if you have the right people an Open Floor for both the sales staff and the desk is the best solution to make sure that every avenue has been explored to sell a vehicle to a prospective customer.
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