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Default Greatest Profit Opportunity in the F&I Department?

As new-car gross profits continue to slide, dealers are being forced to rely on their F&I Department for additional profits.

The purpose of this post is to survey Finance Managers in an effort to determine what they believe are their greatest profit opportunities for 2008?

The question will be posed to each franchise group in an effort to determine if the answers differ based on the franchise. As an example, is it easier to sell a Service Contract on a domestic vehicle than an import? Is it easier to hold rate on a lower priced car line than a high-end car line?

So, here's the question for the Finance Managers: What's your greatest opportunity to increase profits for 2008?:
  • Interest Rate Reserve
  • Vehicle Lease Reserve
  • Service Contracts Sales
  • Maintenance Plans
  • GAP Coverage
  • Life, Accident and Health Plans
  • Vehicle Accessory Sales
  • Chemicals/Appearance Products
  • Other
Please take a moment and share your thoughts - maybe you have an idea that could help someone else?
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