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Default It works now.....

I was checking this thread earlier today and thought I'd re-scan the QR Code to see if Ford updated their system and discovered the QR Code now provides vehicle specific information.

I don't know if the reason it didn't work before was because Ford was still developing their program or perhaps it was because the vehicle above was at Barrett-Jackson and it hadn't been invoiced to a dealer yet. The vehicle above has now been invoiced to Chapman Ford and scanning the QR Code provides information about the vehicle and the dealership.

That said, Ford's QR Code still has some missing information - I didn't see any information concerning special incentives or offers. (Maybe this is by design at the request of Ford's dealers?)

Regardless, I still think the idea of a QR Code on the Monroney is cool and I think it's only a matter of time before all vehicles will either have a QR Code or a NFC chip that links the VIN to the OEMs site which provides information about the vehicle.
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