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Default Ford adds QR Codes to their 2012 Monroney Stickers

Maybe this is old news but it's the first I've heard of it - Ford has added QR Codes to the lower right side of their Monroney Stickers for their 2012 vehicles.

Here's an example from a vehicle I was looking at at Barrett-Jackson:

When I scan the QR Code with my Droid X I can tell it's sending the VIN information to Ford but all I get is a generic looking mobile website without that much helpful information. I'm guessing that Ford's still working on their mobile website and they probably won't promote the availability of QR Codes until their mobile website is fully functional.

That said, the potential for this technology is huge. Imagine salespeople (and customers) being able to get accurate incentive information on a particular vehicle by just scanning the QR Code. If a customer wants to know how much the F150 he's looking at can tow, just scan the QR Code.

Even better would be a permanent QR Code that could be used for the life of the vehicle. Service Advisers could scan the QR Code when they start writing repair orders and customers could use the QR Code to determine warranty coverage, warranty start dates, recall information, etc.

Are there any other OEMs that have added QR Codes to their Monroneys?
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