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Two year thread bump...

Over the past couple of years my nearfield vision when I was wearing my contacts got to the point it was really hard to read the fine print on contracts, medicine bottles, smartphones, etc.

It got to the point where there were times I had to remove my contacts so I could reconcile a credit card statement because the print was too small or didn't have enough contrast.

I went to a new eye doctor even though I was very happy with my old eye doctor and was told progressive contact lens were not an option for me because of my stigmatism.

I was somewhat bummed out but agreed to try the monovision solution since the new eye doctor indicated that most of his patients adjusted to it pretty well. I've been using the monovision solution for the past two months and it has been great - it's nice to be able to read fine print again and I really haven't had too many issues where I missed having a long distance lens in my non-dominant/left eye.

I asked my new doctor about Lasik and he indicated that I could have the procedure done but they would need to use the monovision solution where one eye was for near vision and the other eye was for far vision. I was hoping that Lasik could fix both eyes for near and far vision but I was told that's not an option. At this point I guess I'll just stick with contact lens.
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