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Four year old thread bump....

I went to the Eye Doctor again yesterday since I'd run out of contacts and I knew my prescription was expired. When they asked when I last saw the Doctor I figured it was just a couple of years ago but they indicated their records showed it was four years ago.

I remembered I'd posted a thread about monovision so I did a quick search and it turns out the Doctor's office was right - it's been four years since my last eye exam.

Yesterday I had the same Doctor and he's still awesome.

I explained that my prescription was outdated and I was concerned because it's becoming more difficult for me to read close-up when my contacts are in - my near vision when my contacts are out was still excellent. The Doctor explained that the condition I described is age related and affects almost everyone. Apparently the muscles in the eye that provide focus for near field vision weaken with age.

I asked again about monovision - the Doctor explained that about 80% of his patients end up hating it - the other 20% love it. The downside with monovison is lessened long distance vision and difficulty with depth perception.

Just like last time, with the new contact lenses my near vision isn't as bad as it used to be - it's no longer a huge deal.

I still haven't tried monovision but I'll give it a try if my near vision worsens.
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