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Just found the repost of it over at dealersedge:

"Example: This is a post that has been revived in every one of these conversations so far so here it is again
by RLWOLF Thu May 17, 2012 4:22 pm

Many years ago, one of my counter salesman was courteous enough to give a customer the part# over the phone for a fan blade for a medium duty truck, which we had in stock.
The customer went to another dealership and purchased the blade. As luck would have it, my employee looked up the wrong fan blade.
It either had too many blades, or not enough, (I can't remember).
Anyway, it caused a vibration, which (over time) put stress on the water pump shaft.
The shaft eventually broke, the fan blade went into the radiator, and thru the fiberglass tilt hood, causing several thousand dollars in damage.
As you would expect, the dealership he purchased the blade from wouldn't give him any help,since he furnished the part#, and it was the wrong blade.
He then came to us, and we sent him back to the dealership he purchased it from.
To make a long story shorter, we ended up in court and were found to be at fault, because we furnished the part#, which caused the customer to purchase the wrong fan blade.
It was quite an expensive lesson.
That is exactly what we tell the customer, and most all of them are ok with it.
When one gets upset or irate, I leave my office and take about 10 minutes of their time telling them this story, and explaining to them that "that's why we no longer furnish part#s."
It always works.
I'm getting caught up and just read this post - thanks for posting this great information.

Given the legal system in the U.S. I can't say I'm too surprised to learn that the Dealership that provided a part number as a goodwill gesture was ultimately sued and lost in court when the information provided was later determined to be incorrect.
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