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The one thing I have noticed as a Land Rover customer is that dealers are in love -- at least price wise -- with their late model used and loaner units. I don't claim to be an Evoque expert of any sort other than as a happy customer.

I was actually shopping for a retired service loaner Jaguar XF when I jokingly asked about an Evoque... Orloff LR informed me that they had three Evoque loaners that were about to be downed with 1,000 to 2,000 miles on them... $3,000 under MSRP, never titled. All told, compared to what I was finding used 2012s for at that point, $3,000 under MSRP for a 1,000 mile loaner didn't seem too bad to me. Did have a little ding on one of the wheels, but I got it fixed locally for $60.

I think the upgraded dash pad, interior and Oxford leather comes in the Prestige, so other than some of the trim bits I don't think the Dynamic is that different. Both have extensive options lists that can easily jack the price up. I am always amazed how many high end Evoques are sold when it almost overlaps with the LR4 the old Range Rover Sport... with the new RR Sport starting ca $70k there's a little more room there.

I do know that LR enforces 'trade zones' where the dealer cannot sell outside their trade zone. This doesn't impact the Jaguar side of the family, but it helps explain why so many LR dealers have a ton of cars in demo service... better to get the on a loaner than have to explain why they can't sell new to a customer out of state.
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