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Originally Posted by steve_biegler View Post
Well its been six years since the 789 letters were drafted and mailed or should I say UPS'd. The world has moved on, not even a word in Autonews today about the slaughter, or the legal win last week by some of the dealers against Chrysler and the government.

I have come to realize that I will probably never "Let it go" as so many have told me to. To many good people were crushed either financially or emotionally or both, lives ruined right in front of our eyes. For that I will NEVER forgive Chrysler or our government.

Thanks to the Forum friends for helping me through, you all mean more than you know.

So tonight as I have done on this date for the last several years I will raise my glass at 9PM central time to toast all those who were effected both Chrysler and GM. Those that have closed, stayed open, moved on and those of us that can't. Most of all those that have passed away never being able to see some sort of resolution to this travesty.

So please join me in this little ritual, 9PM a glass of your favorite beverage.

To the GM fallen and the 789!
Yeah, I know the ruin you speak of. I was AT one of those dealers then. I came out decent I guess, but I saw 100 or more people lose their homes, cars, tool boxes, not to mention start drinking or doing drugs again, marriages break up. Those dirty bastards are going to pay for that $hit one of these days.

Chrysler put their finger on every one they wanted gone and used the "czar" to do their dirty work.
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