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I'm catching up and just read this thread for the first time today.

I noticed the link in your post now goes to a dead page - here's the current link to the article in the LA Times - click here

I read the report and thought it was interesting that the plaintiff (a former lawyer) decided to opt-out of a Class Action Case against Honda because her settlement would likely only amount to $100 - $200 plus a voucher for a future vehicle purchase. By taking Honda to Small Claims Court she won a judgment of over $9500.

The article indicated that Honda will likely appeal the decision and defend their position with legal counsel - Honda was not allowed to use their attorneys in Small Claims Court.

Personally, I don't think this is the beginning of a new trend. In my opinion most consumers are not prepared to present a compelling case in court and those who could would likely fear an appeal by the OEM to a higher court which would require them to hire legal counsel.

To your point, I hope the OEMs take notice of this case and adjust their advertising to better match reality.
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