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Originally Posted by 57years View Post
Just wondering, with the theme of the last entry, why the Fiat was not accompanied with Alfa?
That's a good question.

I haven't kept up on FCA's franchise strategy lately but I'm guessing they are willing to let almost anyone have a Fiat franchise using the "more is more" mentality but they still want to limit the number of Alfa franchises in an effort to create an image of exclusivity.

To DealerEx's point, I'd be inclined to agree that the smart dealer would likely not want the added expense that an Alfa franchise would bring given the limited upside in sales/profits.

About the only Alfa Romeos I've seen driving in the Phoenix area with retail plates are the rebadged Mazda Miatas. I still can't figure out how that deal makes sense for any of the parties involved...?
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