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Pacifica update: First units are on the ground in the Great Lakes BC and filtering further away from Windsor as this weeks goes on.

Incentives were launched on April 4. Here in the GLBC the retail stack can get up to $2,000 ($500 customer cash, $500 Chrysler Capital bonus, $1,000 owner loyalty). Not a bad start if you measure the quality of the launch by the incentive amount.

Lease remains heavily on remaining Town and Country models, but the current lease on Pacifica is better than a standard rate lease by a bit.

I don't have my first on the ground yet but should this week if everything goes to plan. Pacifica training tour hits Detroit next week, and the GLBC is doing a 'drive away' event the following week. Will be interesting to see how it is received.

Biggest concern for me is the current entry point for DVD is ~$45k MSRP with a Limited. This is for a dual DVD UConnect Theater option.

There will be a MOPAR DVD offering for lower trims at a later point (available for factory or dealer install) but it is all TBA at this point.
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