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Originally Posted by 57years View Post
Does "Pro-active" mean defensive and protective of the power base for the Commission, or does it mean aggressive to protect the base of the in-state dealership body?? I have found some evidence to believe the former is the case , i.e., how the Commission failed to support its dealers during the Obama Dealer Massacre. At that time we had a Democratic Attorney General and Governor (both elected 2 years before) and the Commission became "weak kneed!"
Oh no, our association is all for the dealer body. I was an effected dealer in '09 and testified in front of our legislature for changes to our state law that would keep anything like that from happening again. The changes passed both the senate and house with NO dissenting votes. This was in 2010, to late to help me but hopefully help my dealer friends if that BULL**** is tried again. GM, Ford and Chrysler sent some expensive lobbyists and they got shut one would even talk to them. God I love South Dakota! I'll try to find a link to the testimony, it use to be on the state website.
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