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He WAS the GM Brass. He was GM of Chevrolet at the time, VP GM. I think he had at least one more Job boost before he retired. To me, in my 30's, I was amazed his reward for GM years was a Cadillac store, and not a Chevrolet Store. Made me rethink the whole "Loyalty" thing to Chevrolet, after my Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, and Dad were always Chevrolet. Thereafter, I bought a Ford Store, and 5 pack Chrysler store.
Thanks for the update.

I had no idea that Lund was a retired GM factory guy - he must have been pretty high ranking to get a Cadillac store as his Golden Parachute.

Concerning Loyalty, as I grow older it seems there are more and more examples of where loyalty pays pretty low dividends. I think it's a nice idea but taken to an extreme it can be costly - especially for dealers who think their loyalty to the factory is reciprocal.

To be clear, I think there are a lot of great OEMs who genuinely have great relations with their dealers, but it only takes one executive at the Zone or Regional level and everything can change in a heartbeat.
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