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Originally Posted by mryan55 View Post
Wow... I remember seeing the 'now hiring' ads all the time!

At first I thought they may have just closed all together, but now it looks like they may have gone through a buy-sell. Hopefully business is good for them!
I always thought those ads were awesome - especially if a dealership was looking to recruit talent from markets that were battling low sales and a hard winter. Based on everything I've heard/seen I think Lund Cadillac truly was a powerhouse dealership that would have been great to work for.

While my information may not be 100% correct, as I understand it Lund Cadillac closed so they could take over an open point that GM had awarded to another dealer. The open point was in a much better part of town but the dealer who had secured the rights to the franchise walked away because the economy was still very poor.

The Van Tuyl group acquired the rights to the franchise and opened a beautiful single point Cadillac store, Arrowhead Cadillac, and subsequently closed down Lund Cadillac.

In a similar fashion, I remember another instance where a Dealer walked away from a CJDR point that was awarded in Surprise, AZ. The Larry Miller Group ended up with the CJDR franchise and it appears their investment will pay dividends since the Auto Mall has added more franchises and now appears to be vibrant. Here's the thread we had on the forum - click here
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