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For what it is worth, existing mileage laws do not mean much to the factories.

They win over 90% of the protests.

For example, California has a 10-mile law, yet
- Honda defeated a challenge to put a new point only 4.3 miles from another dealership (Long Beach Honda v American Honda);
- VW defeated a challenge to put one at 4.8 miles (Michael VW v VOA); and
- Toyota won one at 5.0 miles (Fremont Toyota v TMSUSA)

Those protests can cost the dealer $200,000 or more in costs and attorney's fees.

Just a hint. Most of the dealers lose because they focus upon how THEY will be damaged, rather than the CONSUMER. The factories are armed with data showing how the public will benefit from the action, while most of the dealers merely complain how they will be hurt, rather than how the public will be damaged.

If you feel like you have to protest and the only argument you have is how you will be hurt, then show how your going under would hurt the public. If you only want to talk about how you are going to lose money, then you are just adding fuel to the fire by funding a losing cause.

That's 42-years of experience talking.

PS - This post isn't legal advice, but it would probably worth it to pass it on to your attorney if you are considering protesting and have not yet settled on a strategy.
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