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Originally Posted by DealerEx View Post
Downside to that is that once you show you CAN hit an inflated MSR # (by whatever means), then that becomes the MSR standard you are expected to meet going forward whether there's an opportunity to make a big payday or not.
You make a good point.

While I agree 100% that if you hit a stair step objective (by whatever means) you're almost always rewarded with an even higher objective for the next program.

With MSR, however, if the OEM is basing MSR off of state and market-wide data then it could be argued that a dealer who obtains some extra NVDRs would be able to institute a quick fix that wouldn't have a material impact on future MSR requirements.

That said, it's been a long time since I've heard about an OEM terminating a dealer because of MSR concerns so the whole topic may be somewhat theoretical.
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