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Originally Posted by XDCX View Post
You make an excellent point.

In many ways our industry has reinforced the old theory that the best time to go shopping for a new vehicle is at the end of the month or the end of a quarter. Dealers will often do crazy things on an individual car deal if it allows them to hit a store objective.

I've often wondered if a broker couldn't make a decent living by finding customers who wanted to by cars under cost and then shopping those deals with dealers who needed extra units to hit a program incentive. Hell, I'm sure there are dealers who would sell units at a loss just to make the MSR pressures go away.
Downside to that is that once you show you CAN hit an inflated MSR # (by whatever means), then that becomes the MSR standard you are expected to meet going forward whether there's an opportunity to make a big payday or not.
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