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Merry Christmas to all reading and writing. This year has been one we'll tell friends, family and grand children about. I wish the tales would have been more upbeat, but history is history I guess once the dust blows over and hopefully we have something left of this country to live in again.

Thank you for putting up with me, everyone has been great. I only wish I could help rather than grumble, but somehow or another but somehow I think we'll all be stronger in some way or another having been sent into this ordeal. Give your kids and wives and significant others a big kiss and a long heartfelt hug...a few times a day. Everyone in our own ego centric worlds know what we're going through and probably feel more powerless than we do.

Thank you from me...your families and communities that you all helped to shape in one way or another. I fear next year may bring a lot of the same, but positive attitudes and love of those around us will pull us all through. May God bless you all.
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