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Originally Posted by larry 1 View Post
Can anyone tell me about Auto Star superstore? I have been aproached about opening a location and have some concerns after reading this and the history on Zangara Dodge
larry 1 - Welcome to DealershipForum

I don't think any of the members here have an AutoStar Franchise so I don't think you'll get a perspective from a first hand basis.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I know Art Laws and his son Alex and have a ton of respect for both of them. They ran Timberline Dodge which featured a very strong Service and Parts operation before they were terminated as part of Chrysler's bankruptcy.

If you Google Timberline Dodge in Portland, OR I'm sure you'll get a phone number for the dealership. To the best of my knowledge they're still an AutoStar Superstore dealer.

Thanks for joining the forum and good luck with your research.
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