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Originally Posted by mumblypeg View Post
Yeah...personally, I had never heard of the man. But his credentials on the website led me to Google name (he's a freakin' Madoff mini-me).
I would have been interested in having some floor plan backing with a respectable company, but having Ken as one one their front men shot that all to hell. If they were wise (or sneakier), they would have kept him in the background. The others seem to check out OK.
I agree that in the age of Google it seems strange that AutoStar would put Zangara in the spotlight. As you suggested, if they wanted his knowledge and experience they could have kept him in the background.

In some ways this reminds me of the beginning of That company was started by Pete Ellis shortly after he was forced to close his Chrysler dealership in Los Angeles. I know dealers who signed-up for Autobytel just because they knew Pete and wanted to help him out.

As before, it will be interesting to see how AutoStar does. There are other companies that have tried to franchise the used car business, but AutoStar appears to be the first that has an emphasis on fixed operations.
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