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Originally Posted by vera6.4 View Post
... so now I have a customer that is expecting one now.
I can relate to your situation - now you're the "bad guy" who has to tell the customer something they don't want to hear.

You might want to suggest to your customer that it would be better to wait for the Mopar Remote Start Kit so your Service Department could add that option to the Vehicle Warranty Profile once the kit has been installed.

It's been awhile since I've used DealerConnect but I remember there was a process where a dealership could add accessories to a VIN number once a Mopar part had been installed. The purpose was to allow the accessories to be added to the VIN so Chrysler's Warranty System would accept Warranty Claims for repairs to that component - otherwise the claim would be rejected because Chrysler knew the vehicle wasn't built with that accessory.

With some customers knowing that the Mopar Remote Start kit will be added to their VIN might slow them down enough to wait for the kit.
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