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Originally Posted by possum View Post
Today, I took a look on You-Tube of my Congressional Testimony, and realized none of us ever had a chance. The evidence was presented, Mr. Press outright lied, and nothing made any difference. It's ok now, we move on, but we are not the same.
I watched it again last night my friend. You are absolutely correct--you move on, but you're not the same. Nothing now will ever make it right or alter the fact that 789 lives were forever changed. No one can know what the intervening years would have been like or how those lives would have played out had those businesses not been stolen from the owners. You can at least take some satisfaction in knowing that you exposed Jim Press as a bald faced liar in front of everyone at the Senate Hearing that day. There wasn't any doubt in the minds of everyone in that room as to who was telling the truth and who was trying to cover his ass with more lies. Ever get that followup phone call Ol' Jim promised ??
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