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steve_biegler 12-21-2021 03:19 PM

Well it's over. Merry Fu#@&*g Christmas.

57years 12-26-2021 05:54 AM

Steve, I guess the dirty part of this news is it happened on a holiday of such great love and peace. Time has passed to reach beyond the “getting even” phase to the “I lost a piece of my life, and survived “! Some gave up early on, you didn’t. Congratulations on fighting so hard for “satisfaction “. God bless you and yours!

DealerEx 01-01-2022 09:15 AM

Nobody in the government cares about what happened back in 2009. They were responsible for it happening, via the Auto Task Force and the federal judge that ruled the asset division between Newco and Oldco, which effectively prevented the dealers from suing for damages. All that has happened is the affected dealers have been given false hope for years and spent a lot of money trying to get just a little justice. The Government is never going to admit what they did was wrong, and they were never going to allow dealers any recourse in court because that would result in their complicity being made public. It has been sickening watching this play out for all these years, knowing how it has affected friends of mine.

srt 01-06-2022 07:13 PM

Got notice earlier today.


possum 06-24-2022 11:23 AM

Love you guys, you were there when I didn't think anybody was.

possum 06-06-2023 08:29 AM

It was a waste of time, and money, fighting a case that couldn't be won.

DealerEx 06-12-2023 10:10 PM

Old Pards
Yep !! It couldn't be won because the government was in charge of everything involved in this travesty of "justice" from day one. Unlike GM, which gave their dealers 12 months to wind down operations, Chrysler seemed to go out of their way to inflict the greatest damage possible to the dealers that had kept them in business during the rough times, forcing them to close down in 30 days. It still makes me mad when traveling to Colorado to see the remains of so many DCJ stores in the smaller towns that were forced to close up for no good reason. It was those dealerships that could always be counted on to sell vehicles ( even some crappy ones) because their customers KNEW that those dealers would take care of them when they had a problem. Hope ya'll are doing well Russ and we really do need to get together with me, you and up somewhere on our bikes to eat lunch or something. We all had too many good times together over the years to not do it while we still can.

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