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Moshe @ Performance Brokerage Services 11-06-2017 12:19 PM

Another dealership sold in Oregon
We have recently closed on the sale of the BMW dealership in Eugene, Oregon.

The seller was Mr. Stan Mayhew and the buyer was Mr. Jeff Swickard.

This is the third acquisition for Mr. Swickard who only recently entered our industry, and I would like to take the opportunity and share with the readers his comments post-closing:

“Moshe has an organic way of matching the right buyer with a seller based on the interest of the parties rather than a blind auction approach. I think Performance Brokerage Services' approach led to a higher price for their client because Moshe identified the strategic buyer willing to pay a high market valuation. Our transaction went smooth and we enjoyed working with the seller because Moshe facilitated an environment of collaboration from the start of diligence to closing.” Jeff Swickard

Moshe Stopnitzky, President
Performance Brokerage Services, Inc.
A New Car Dealership Brokers Firm

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