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X-BPG 02-27-2020 04:54 PM

I hadn't seen the Jon Stewart clip in post #56 until now. That made me tear up, then rage crept in. Gutless #$%@# couldn't tell me in person that they decided to flush my business down the drain for me.

That day, without a doubt, the toughest job I ever had- telling my excellent dealership crew that due to no fault of their own, they were going to be unemployed. Thankfully, they all were only temporarily out of work, and have successfully forged ahead.

steve_biegler 02-28-2020 12:16 PM

Welcome back to The Forum! 3 posts in 8 years sure makes me look like a blabbermouth.

Don't feel bad I have known about that clip since it came out and I get the same emotions to this day. Unless you've lived through it you won't understand. All I can say is, even though it had been over a decade, stay strong.

Yamaholic 01-14-2021 11:55 AM

Im probably going stir up the hornets nest here...but here goes.
I searched the fourm for Tesla info and see very little on this company the last few years here.
Whats everyones take on the company now since they have survived/disrupted and grown.
Looks like they are going to be around for the foreseable future.

steve_biegler 01-15-2021 08:26 AM

Welcome back!

The Forum was very active a decade ago when the Chrysler and GM bankruptcy was going on. Many of the members were effected by the BK, me included.

I personally have no problem with Tesla or their way of selling cars. I'm not convinced electric is the way of the future with all the hurdles in front of them....Range....Charge time.....charging station availability, to name a few.

Now stock price I wonder about. If any of the dealers on the forum would walk into a bank and tell them that we wanted to start a dealership that wouldn't turn a profit for................A DECADE +........I doubt we'd have much luck. Mr. Musk is lucky he made his billions before he got into the car business.

Now on his sales philosophy. He is putting his, or should I say, his stockholders, money up to create a sales location. This is NOT a franchise like GM, Ford, Chrysler and everybody else. Franchise owners put up brick and mortar, hired employees, bought inventory and put up with many ridiculous requirements from the factories for years sometime decades, 8 decades for my families dealership. So franchise laws were enacted to protect that investment, nothing more! If the manufacturer could come in and sell product it would put the dealers at a huge disadvantage.

To get a feel for this group I suggest you go back and read some prior threads. Lots of really smart guys here. I hope you hang around, The Forum has gotten quiet of late.

On a side note. How's Biz up in Canada?

steve_biegler 02-26-2021 07:24 AM

Well guys.....Am I the last one left?

flstsphil 02-26-2021 10:35 AM

No. Just been responding through the Dealerlaw section.

srt 02-26-2021 06:08 PM

No you are not.

57years 03-02-2021 11:00 AM

No, but so involved with non car business and my farm, i can hardly find the time to sit at a computer screen for leisure. Always good to read the comments here.

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