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03-28-2011, 06:25 PM
A report in the March 23rd Columbus Dispatch (http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/business/stories/2011/03/23/ford-buying-out-local-lincoln-dealers.html) states that Ford Motor Company has bought out 4 out of 6 Lincoln dealerships in the Central Ohio Marketplace. This would only leave 1 in the Columbus Metro Bob Boyd, the other dealership in Lancaster, Ohio.

In the article states that the Boyd dealership will be moving to Dublin, Ohio and occupying the former Krieger Lincoln location. It also seems odd most of the dealers are okay with this buyout offer from Lincoln.

The automaker is trying to reduce the number of Lincoln stores in the nation's 130 largest metropolitan areas, which the company hopes will lead to stores that are larger and more profitable. As of February, those top markets, including Columbus, had 434 Lincoln franchises. The company wants to reduce that total to 325.

This location must be key for Ford and its Lincoln brand. With the Lexus dealer 2.5 miles and MB dealer, and MAG Automotive Group (http://www.magcars.com) 4.5 Miles away.

I was told this about a 4 weeks ago from a Bank Rep that visit the dealership from Columbus area. He told me that the old showroom will be sold to a nearby Toyota Scion dealership for their used car operation. Boyd is close to opening his Fiat store next to the old Lincoln location on the city's East side.

Has anyone heard of other city's where is happening or its on the down low?

03-29-2011, 01:56 PM
Has anyone heard of other city's where is happening or its on the down low?

I haven't kept up on Ford's consolidation plans for the LM stores, but I get the impression this is the first of many deals that are working across the country.

With the elimination of the Mercury brand Ford's pressuring their stand-alone LM stores to either upgrade their facilities or sell out. To the extent Ford seems to be focusing on the metro markets, their plan remind me of Chrysler's original Project Genesis which was supposed to leave the rural network intact.

I know Ford had a formula for compensating dealers for the loss of the Mercury brand, maybe they're writing bigger checks and convincing some of the dealers to terminate their Lincoln dealer agreement too? As long as the dealers feel the settlement is fair, I can't fault Ford for their efforts.