View Full Version : Ford posts surprise profit of almost $1 Billion

11-04-2009, 07:38 AM
I'll be the first to concede that Ford doesn't get a lot of attention here at DealershipForum, but it's not that they don't deserve it. Ford has done a fantastic job - In my opinion they are America's Hottest Car Company.

Not only did they report a surprise profit of almost $1 Billion for the recent quarter, they managed to increase sales for October. :thumbsup_old:

Ironically, Ford's biggest problem right now appears to be the fact that the unions are trying to use Ford's success as a reason not to negotiate with them. Historically the UAW and CAW have had "pattern contracts" where the agreements cover GM, Ford and Chrysler. Now the unions are pushing for a higher pay package with Ford because they are doing better than their cross-town rivals.