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  1. R.I.P. - Dealerships Closed in 2008
  2. Monthly Poll - January - Predictions for 2008
  3. Will $100/Barrel Oil impact the car shoppers?
  4. Impact of Declining Sales to Rental Car Companies
  5. Autoextremist.com website
  6. Great Topic for Dealership Management Meeting
  7. The Danger of Self-Insuring 100% Service Contract Refunds
  8. Lawsuits against failed Used Car Dealer exceed $1 Million
  9. Dealership Sales Tax Incentives - How common are they?
  10. Changes to the Ebay Website for Selling Cars
  11. Crime doesn't pay - Part one......
  12. Crime doesn't pay - Part two.......
  13. AutoNation's CEO suggests $1 hike in gas taxes
  14. Credit Card used for Dealership Working Capital?
  15. So how does your Dealership handle Dealer Trades?
  16. Used Car Leasing
  17. Real Nut Jobs of the OC
  18. AutoNation Conference Call - Reflections on the Industry
  19. Microsoft set to launch Dealership Management System
  20. Lithia Conference Call - Has the Recession Started?
  21. Welcome AutomotiveProfit.com
  22. Is F&I Professionalism Dying?
  23. Sonic Automotive Conference Call - Strong Results in a Tough Market
  24. AutoTrader or Cars.com - Which is the better value?
  25. 96 Month Long Loan Terms
  26. Internet Sales Department - What percentage of your total sales?
  27. "Cloned" Vehicles expose Dealerships to Fraud
  28. Automotive News story on Lithia - Late and wrong?
  29. Does anyone use Craigslist to sell cars?
  30. The "Perfect Storm" of Bad News...
  31. Whatever happened with J.D. Powers?
  32. Will AutoNation go Private?
  33. Assured Sales
  34. Lithia News
  35. Selling lower priced used cars in a soft economy
  36. Pay Plans for New Vehicle Salespeople
  37. Consumer Reports' story on Vehicle Service Contracts
  38. Used Car Gross Average versus New Car?
  39. Failure of Lanelogic
  40. Stories of Employee Theft and Lies
  41. Lithia Completes Investigation
  42. States with new Emission Laws
  43. Desking Software - Does your store use it?
  44. Credit Unions - Do you love them or hate them?
  45. General Inventory Questions
  46. Uploading inventories
  47. Effect of U.S. Government Stimulus Checks?
  48. Dealership employment levels at 8 year low
  49. CNBC Report - Insurance Fraud to dispose of SUVs
  50. Autobytel posts loss - What's their future?
  51. Top DMS Services
  52. Lithia announces Major Reorganization Plan
  53. Dealers refusing to take Trucks and SUVs as trades..
  54. Automotive Credit - Is it the next shoe to drop?
  55. CARMAX Quarterly Profit falls 55% - Stock falls 13%
  56. Wholesale Truck and SUV prices drop by 25% in Three Months?
  57. Ford and GM may take huge write-down on Lease Portfolio
  58. $841,200 Verdict against Ford Dealer over Safety Recall
  59. Dealership for sale with ZERO Blue Sky
  60. What, No Discussions on the Sonic Dismissals?
  61. How far does Gas have to fall before Trucks/SUVs recover?
  62. 1 in 4 Customers have Negative Equity?
  63. Predictions for GAP Coverage Premiums?
  64. Military bans soldiers from going to AZ Dealership
  65. Lithia Has a New Director
  66. Public Dealerships -vs- Private Dealerships
  67. Has anyone seen the car industry stocks this morning?
  68. So, how's July shaping up in terms of Sales/Profits?
  69. How are the Trucks/SUVs doing at the Auction now?
  70. Anyone use the Cross-Sell Report?
  71. Sales Promotions that Work....
  72. Chrysler to Dump Leasing
  73. Will Rent Factor determine a Dealership's future?
  74. Buy a Kia Dealership for only $49,995 Down....
  75. Who is still hiring talent
  76. Daimler Fends Off Takeover Attempt
  77. Lithia sells their first dealership since reorganization
  78. Million Dollar Drug Bust at New Car Dealership
  79. AutoNation CEO sees tightening credit for Retail Auto Loan
  80. Ebay's new Fee Structure for Vehicle Sales
  81. Increased value for 1998 Used Vehicles?
  82. CARMAX reports 51% decline in Finance Reserve
  83. Great article on the Used Car Market
  84. AutoNation closes GM Dealership in Florida
  85. Are Car Dealers too optimistic?
  86. October Showroom Traffic
  87. Great article about Automotive Credit - It's actually Good News
  88. Capital One drops Floorplan Dealers in NY and NJ
  89. 50/50 Chance of a GM/Chrysler Merger
  90. how are you going to thrive in 2009
  91. Will General Motors buy Chrysler?
  92. Doing business with a bankrupt dealer?
  93. Desk Link / Lease Link
  94. Cerberus (Friend or Foe?)
  95. USAA offering 100% Financing with 5.99% for 60 Months
  96. Retail Auto Stocks are getting crushed
  97. usa today
  98. The latest on the GM/Chrysler saga
  99. Lithia's stock is up 62% on yesterday's Earnings Announcement
  100. Big 3 Captives have access to the Federal Reserve
  101. Chrysler/GM Merger talks suspended
  102. Are Brokers a problem in your market?
  103. Lies
  104. Employee Pricing Returns
  105. A familiar, but sad story.....
  106. Bail out
  107. Will Congress approve a Bail Out Package for the Detroit 3?
  108. Bank "Buy Rates" across the Country
  109. Employee accused of embezzling $104K from Dealership
  110. What Is The Answer ?
  111. BHPH opportunities?
  112. NBC News report
  113. New personal best
  114. How Important Are We?
  115. Ferrero CJD in Loveland Closes
  116. How are sales of Used Vehicles doing?
  117. Cerberus makes millions despite the closure of Mervins
  118. Another bank out of the lease business
  119. GM Facts and Fiction
  120. Autoextremist
  121. Bill Gates owns 10% of AutoNation
  122. Auto Makers return to Washington DC for Round Two
  123. Great radio interview with the Mayor of Lansing, MI
  124. ABC National News
  125. Dealership sued for failing to disclose Finance Reserve
  126. It does not seem to be going well on the hill
  127. City extends $1 Million in Bridge Loans to Car Dealerships
  128. The Future - Fewer Making More$$$$
  129. Lithia changes the L2 Format in Amarillo
  130. automotive bailout package
  131. auto extremist had a new column today
  132. Chapter 11's impact on Car Dealers
  133. Service Contract Cancellations
  134. Are all lenders using LIBOR to determine Flooring Rates?
  135. GM/Chrysler merger resurfaces and then is denied
  136. "Orderly Bankrupcty" is on the list of White House options
  137. Nascar dead if Big 3 recieve bailouts???
  138. Bush Administration Approves $14 billion
  139. GMAC granted bank holding status
  140. Gmac
  141. NADA Attendance for 2009
  142. Closure of a Toyota Store in California?
  143. Mahindra
  144. Automotive News story on Spot Deliveries
  145. 90 Days
  146. Predictions for 2009
  147. County loses both new car franchises
  148. Federal Court rules against Reynolds and Reynolds
  149. What concessions will the OEMs expect from the dealers?
  150. Who has the Best Rates and the Best Advance?
  151. VW accuses Lamborghini Dealer of $12 Million SOT
  152. Group One imposes 10% Pay Cut for Executives
  153. Headline - City bails out local car dealership
  154. Salespeople sue for minimum wage
  155. January sales appear to be weakening
  156. Sales Tax on Manufacturer Rebates
  157. Lithia Toyota Vacaville
  158. Welcome Redline Performance Group
  159. Internet Sales Department and EP Pricing
  160. Compare your month to last year at this time
  161. Dumb Ideas
  162. Bob Lutz to retire at the end of 2009
  163. U.S. Government may force GM and Chrysler into Bankruptcy
  164. Wolfgang Bernhard returns to Daimler
  165. Sonic Automotive suspends dividend and hires advisor
  166. So much for the "Car Czar"
  167. NADA Open Letter to Manufacturers
  168. Question about Sales Tax Deduction as part of Stimulus Package
  169. cash for clunkers
  170. Thoughts about GM and Chrysler
  171. Near Payoff Letter???
  172. Thousands of Auto Dealers could close without Treasury help
  173. Off-Sight Sales/Tent Sales
  174. Dealership For Sale - Free Parts and Free Assets
  175. Question about Bankrupt Dealers and Offshore Service Contracts
  176. Monaco Coach RV maker files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  177. Red Flags Rule controversy
  178. Saleen Inc. ceases operations and no longer honors Warranty Claims
  179. An unusual SOT story.....
  180. Banks are being forced to pay-off trade liens
  181. International "Car Cloning" Ring busted by FBI
  182. Interesting debate - Vehicle EDRs
  183. Automakers to get 'some' aid if they restructure
  184. Interesting WSJ article on Insurance Fraud
  185. GM and Ford offer "Assurance" programs
  186. Been Think'n ...
  187. Somebody Cares
  188. Cerberus wants to combine Chrysler Finance and GMAC
  189. advice on advisors pay
  190. Traffic Report
  191. Danny Hecker is just not having a good year...
  192. The Week in Review
  193. Automotive News story on Dealership Bankruptcy Worries
  194. Taking Branded vehicles in on trade
  195. Attorneys less likely to sue GM and Chrysler
  196. Thoughts about the NADA...
  197. So long Pontiac.
  198. Wrecking Ball
  199. My Old Pontiac
  200. FTC Delays Enforcement of RFR until Aug 1, 2009
  201. Promise them anything, Detroit
  202. Question about State Dealer Associations
  203. Cash for clunkers
  204. What will happen to Ford?
  205. Lawmakers Back Legislation on Dealer Rights
  206. Interesting article - GM vs. Chrysler
  207. Sales Events
  208. innovative ways to find more customers
  209. Committee to Restore Dealer Rights
  210. 2009 J.D. Powers Results
  211. Rental Fleets plan to increase purchases in second half of 2009
  212. feds set to pay gm and chrysler dealers
  213. Breaking into F and I
  214. CARS program for (or by) Dummies
  215. Clunker question
  216. Cash for Clunkers - Question and Answer Thread
  217. How's the Cash for Clunker program working for your Dealership?
  218. Doing the Math on CARS
  219. Cash for Clunkers - Claim Entry
  220. Gen. Mgr.
  221. Statistics on CARS as of Wed July 29th
  222. Government to stop ‘cash for clunkers’
  223. White House Spokesman - CARS will be honored this weekend
  224. Poll - Is your Dealership doing CARS deals this weekend?
  225. Clunker cash approvals
  226. Rejected CARS claim - HELP!!!!!
  227. cash for clunkers gov't survey
  228. NHSTA to double the size of the "clunker" staff
  229. Disabling a Cash for Clunker Trade In
  230. Rain Checks for CARS version 2.0?
  231. Senate OKs $2 billion to refill ‘Clunkers’
  232. 70 Deals Under Review - Check out my experience.
  233. Is the SBA's Floorplan Loan Program working?
  234. Will you re-up your NADA membership next year?
  235. Login Issues with the CARS Website
  236. Toyota and Honda helping with CARS Cash Flow
  237. Good article about post-bankrupt GM and Chrysler
  238. How does your Dealership handle Internet Sales Leads?
  239. How should NHTSA fix the CARS Payment Process?
  240. NADA wants the CARS Program Stopped - Funding Depleted
  241. Clunkers ends monday
  242. CARS website
  243. The question ?
  244. Back to F&I
  245. Government begins random CARS audits
  246. Changes to FICO will impact credit scores
  247. Has anyone used Moveparts.com?
  248. Do you want to see another round of the CARS Program?
  249. GM and Chrysler to meet with NADA on 09/30/09
  250. September Car Sales Predictions