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  1. Former Michigan Ford Dealer pleads to fraud charges
  2. Dealership Closed - Neilsen Dodge City - Gary, IN
  3. Dealership Closed - Bud Wolf Chevrolet
  4. Dealership Closed - Patsy Lou Williamson Chevrolet
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  6. Blue Law in Iowa - Everyone's happy....
  7. Omaha Dealership fined $100,000 by State
  8. Will Terre Haute Ford Close?
  9. Future for Kentucky Auto Park is dim
  10. Denny Hecker sues Chrysler Financial
  11. Dealership asks for Tax Breaks to Survive
  12. Another store closes
  13. Missouri Dodge Dealer found dead at Dealership
  14. Looking for experienced sales people.
  15. John A. Van Hoogstraat passes away
  16. Galena Chrysler sues Turpin Dodge - Family dispute?
  17. Lee Motors in Pineville, KY accepts Chrysler's LOI
  18. Frank Galeana passes away - Comments from Tom Pappert
  19. Federal agents raid dealerships
  20. Police serve search warrants at O’Hara Chrysler Dodge Jeep
  21. Morgan County Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep to close down this month
  22. Bob McDorman Chevrolet
  23. Chrysler Dealership returns to Jackson, Mississippi
  24. Chrysler sign going back up at Zimmer Motors
  25. Mull Motors to Close at the end of April
  26. $4 Million Blue Sky for a Chrysler Dealer in Chicago?
  27. Chrysler reinstates Emporia Motors - (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram)
  28. Former Granger Motors employee pleads guilt to $1.4 Million embezzlement
  29. Tri-Vin OLRS
  30. Parkway Honda accquires Humphries Ford CDJR
  31. Epps Nissan in Middlesboro, KY closes - customers complain about loan payoffs
  32. Iowa AG Office pressures Lithia to honor Dealership Promotion
  33. Hyundai of Lansing closes their doors
  34. Ford sells shuttered Dealership in Gary, Indiana for $10
  35. My dealership was just sold!
  36. Should GM be adding another Chevrolet point in Central Ohio?
  37. Massive Hail Storm damages 4,400 vehicles at Woodhouse Auto Family in Blair, NE
  38. Fury Motors, a 789 OLDCO Dealer, survived and is now opening a $5 Million Dealership
  39. Missouri Attorney General sues local Ford Dealer
  40. Illinois CJDR Dealership experiences two Buy/Sells within one year
  41. Dealership employee takes customer's Caliber SRT4 for 96 MPH Test Drive
  42. Fitzpatrick Auto Center sold
  43. Ford Store in Kansas For Sale - $995K buys Blue Sky, Parts and FFE
  44. Michigan doesn't have a sold vehicle reporting process?
  45. Michigan Secretary of State closes Lansing Used Car Dealership
  46. Chevrolet dealership in Illinois sold
  47. Did Ohio once have a law that limited an individual to only one New Car Dealership?
  48. Former employee accused of falsifying a sale to earn a GM incentive
  49. Sam Swope Alfa Romeo Fiat in Louisville, KY has closed
  50. Sunnyside Chrysler, Dodge, Ram to receive $300,000 Tax Incentive
  51. Another dealership SOLD
  52. Another Chevrolet sold in Iowa
  53. Dealerships sold in Indiana
  54. Another dealership sold in Ohio
  55. Another dealership sold in Missouri
  56. Another dealership sold in Missouri
  57. Another dealership sold in Kansas
  58. Another Dealership Sold in Kansas
  59. Another Dealership Sold in Nebraska
  60. Another Dealership Sold in Nebraska
  61. Another Dealership Sold in Wisconsin
  62. Another Dealership Sold in Michigan
  63. Another Dealership Sold in Iowa.