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  1. Dealers pay $290K to settle with MA Attorney General
  2. Dealership Closed - Corson Cadillac/Jeep - Hyannis, MA
  3. Which GM dealer was featured in American Chopper?
  4. Maine Ford Dealer battling with Ford Motor Credit
  5. Dealership Closed - Lia Kia - North Hampton, NY
  6. Ex-Dealer pleads guilt to fraud
  7. No tears for Eliot Spitzer?
  8. Former Dealership Manager arrested for theft
  9. Suspicious fires at three dealerships damage vehicles
  10. Nissan sues Vermont Dealer for $500K SOT
  11. Vinton Motors to close after 77 years
  12. New York - As many as 80 stores closed in last 18 months
  13. Webster Chrysler/Jeep sues Chrysler LLC
  14. Oldest Chrysler Dealer in the Nation closes down
  15. Weed Chevrolet ponders closing down
  16. Bank pulls floorline - Dealer's not SOT
  17. Dealer settles with New York Attorney General for $20K
  18. Part-Owner found Dead near Dealership
  19. NY Dealer ordered to pay $44K for Lien payoff issues
  20. Single point Chrysler store closes down - merges with Dodge
  21. What's up with Gary Barbera's Autoland?
  22. Dealer pleads guilty to Federal Check Kiting Charges
  23. Pritz Auto to be sold or close
  24. New Jersey files suit against Dealer for Craigslist Ads
  25. Investigators determine cause of explosion that took an employee's life
  26. Former Cadillac Dealer found dead by suicide
  27. Massachusetts Dealer agrees to pay $450K to settle overtime and minimum wage charges
  28. Maine Car Dealer consolidates four locations into one in the span of two years
  29. Controller embezzles over $10 Million from Pennsylvania Acura Dealership
  30. Four New York Dealers sue Chrysler over the opening of a new Chrysler Dealership
  31. Berrang Cadillac GMC Files for BK prorection
  32. Old Colony Dodge plans to close
  33. New York Toyota Dealer settles with State Attorney General for $136K
  34. Connecticut to reward dealers that sell Electric Vehicles
  35. Nissan of Hawthorn, NJ discovers they're missing 90 cars - recover 32...
  36. New Fiat/Alfa Romeo store opens in Danbury, CT
  37. West Virginia releases salaries and SSNs of 202 Dealership Employees
  38. Elliott Auto Group of Staunton, VA has closed
  39. Single point Mitsubishi Dealership For Sale in Maine
  40. Ron Rosner Toyota Sold in Virginia
  41. Another dealership sold in Pennsylvania
  42. Another Dealership Sold in Vermont
  43. Another Dealership Sold in California