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  1. $1 Million Blue Sky for a CA Chrysler Alpha Store?
  2. Ford Closes Five Stores in Southern California
  3. Sales Tax Incentives - How do you compete?
  4. What happened to John Irish Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge?
  5. Former Utah Chrysler Dealer to become CEO of Ford's Canadian Operations?
  6. Dealership Closed - Champion Ford - Boulder, CO
  7. Anyone know someone at Corona Chevrolet
  8. California pushes for tougher Emissions Regulations
  9. California to establish fund for victims of Bankrupt Dealerships
  10. Dealership Closed - Ford of Santa Paula - Santa Paula, CA
  11. What's up with Manteca Dodge?
  12. Another Sacramento Dealership Closes
  13. What happened to Urban Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge?
  14. Lithia closes L2 Auto Dealership in Loveland, CO
  15. Pasadena Ford set to close down
  16. Whittier Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge closes down
  17. Stevens Creek Buick, Pontiac GMC and Silicon valley Hummer close
  18. KIA Open Point in Ventura, CA?
  19. Cornelius Ford Closes
  20. Power CJ and Power Dodge consolidate in Valencia
  21. Fallon Auto Mall drops Chrysler Franchises
  22. Chrysler Dealer in Lompoc, CA closes down
  23. Is Sunnyvale Chrysler closed?
  24. Carmean Dodge closes down - Complaints linger
  25. Towbin to close Hummer Dealership in Las Vegas
  26. Bill Heard Chevrolet in Scottsdale, AZ closes down
  27. 22 Chrysler Stores have closed in California this year
  28. 17 Ford Stores have closed in California this year
  29. Chrysler/Jeep of Elk Grove completes "Project Genesis"
  30. What's up with Superior Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge?
  31. Glenwood Springs Chrysler Dodge to close down
  32. Shaver Chrysler/Jeep closes down
  33. Red Bluff Ford files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  34. Turlock Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge to close down
  35. Is Scott Chevrolet in El Monte closed down?
  36. Hemet Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge closes down
  37. Ed Moses Dodge sold to the Van Tuyl Group
  38. Bullhead City Ford Dealership closes down
  39. California - Car Buyers Protection Act
  40. Geweke Chrysler Jeep Dodge closes
  41. Dealin' Doug buys back Lithia CJD - Fort Collins
  42. Burt Organization to be Sold
  43. Capistrano Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep to close
  44. Four GMC Pontiac Buick Dealerships close in Northern California
  45. Westoaks CJD in Thousand Oaks is closed
  46. Is Zangara Dodge closed?
  47. R.I.P. Larry H. Miller
  48. Is the entire Superior Auto Group shut down?
  49. AutoNation closes Desert Dodge in Las Vegas
  50. Cardinale Way Buick Pontiac GMC-CLOSED
  51. Salinas Dodge Chrysler closes
  52. Another Closure
  53. Marina Pontiac in San Leandro closes down
  54. Another Chrysler Dealer in California has closed
  55. Anything happening with Big Valley CJD in Van Nuys?
  56. Carson City agrees to bail out Cormier Chevrolet
  57. Power CJ Closed
  58. Headline - Integrity Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge to Close Down
  59. North Scottsdale Ford Closed
  60. GM Open Point in Hawaii - Hilo and Kona
  61. What's up with the Inventory at Integrity CJD?
  62. Union Dodge in Garden Grove shuts down
  63. Champion Auto Group Goes Down
  64. Worthington drops Dodge franchise
  65. Pat Beck CJD has closed down
  66. Chrysler closed Long Beach C/J
  67. Gladys Young closing dealership after 39 years
  68. Soft top Wranglers survive in California.....
  69. New law in California will require liens to be paid before trade-ins are resold
  70. AG settles contempt case against Zangara Dodge
  71. Bob Swift from Swift Dodge passes away
  72. News report - Manteca Dodge owes $853K in Sales Tax
  73. United Hyundai in Las Vegas closes down abruptly
  74. Ralph Schomp Automotive settles EEOC case for $1.5 Million
  75. Merced Hyundai closes down
  76. What's up with Reno Dodge?
  77. Two More Burt Dealerships Sold
  78. Towbin to open new C/J/D Dealership in Las Vegas
  79. Colorado to introduce Bill which could fine Chrysler $25K/day
  80. Former Iron Mountain owner being investigated
  81. Champion Dodge gets $1 Million in Working Capital from City of Downey
  82. Santa Barbara Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge closes down
  83. Lampe CJD to acquire Surroz CJD and consolidate dealerships
  84. $1 Million loan secures new Volkswagen Dealership for Davis
  85. Mark Mitsubishi in Glendale gets pummeled in hail storm
  86. San Juan Capistrano offers $5 Million incentive to dealership
  87. Is the Todey Auto Group in Oxnard closed down?
  88. CA DMV FEES DUE - Does this impact out-of-state purchases?
  89. Free Chrysler Open Point in Phoenix - Just buy the land....
  90. Another Chrysler NEWCO Dealer Closes - Ridgewood Motors in Silver City, NM
  91. OLDCO Dealer Reinstated - Hanford Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge
  92. Chevrolet Franchice For Sale in Napa Valley, CA
  93. New law increases California Doc Fees to $80
  94. John Schenden buys Chrysler Dealership in Santa Maria, CA
  95. Arizona car dealer killed in a plane crash
  96. City Council approves $750K Tax Incentive for new Chrysler Dealership
  97. Mercedes Benz of San Luis Obispo
  98. Turlock Chrysler Jeep Dodge to reopen
  99. Alan Pflueger pleads guilty to Federal Tax Fraud Charges
  100. California Used Car Legislation appears to be gaining momentum
  101. Barber Brothers Ford sold
  102. Monarch Ford in Central California sold
  103. Two dealerships sold in Tracy Auto Mall
  104. A new open point for VW in the Palm Springs area
  105. Towbin Fiat named #1 Fiat Dealer in the Nation
  106. Doug Moreland sells seven Arizona Dealerships to Larry Miller Group
  107. Land Rover in Reno, Nevada sold
  108. Carrigan CDJR of Morgan, UT Sold!
  109. The iconic Fremont Ford in N. California sold.
  110. Two dealerships sold in Kingman, AZ
  111. LAX Hyundai sold
  112. Chrysler of Inglewood, CA Sold.
  113. Vista Honda in Ventura, CA sold
  114. Folsom Lake Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram is headed for a Buy/Sell
  115. IRS Agents raid Luxor Auto Group and arrest three for money laundering
  116. Taft Chevrolet/Buick plans to drop their New Car Franchises
  117. Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Barbara, CA sold.
  118. Journey Ford of Novato, CA sold.
  119. San Leandro Nissan Sold
  120. Barstow, CA car dealerships changed hands
  121. Clovis Nissan, CA sold
  122. Utah cities hire lobbyist to change Dealership Franchise Laws
  123. Dealership Liquidation Auction - Lund Cadillac - Phoenix, AZ
  124. A merge of two Auto Groups in Utah
  125. 2 dealerships sold in Healdburg, CA
  126. Abandoned Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Dealership on Route 66 in New Mexico
  127. Another California Ford dealership sold
  128. Napa Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in midst of Buy/Sell
  129. Subaru of Santa Monica Sold
  130. Dealership Sold in Banning, CA.
  131. Ford Lincoln dealerships in AZ sold
  132. Toyota of Long Beach Sold.
  133. Nissan exercises its ROFR again
  134. LandRover in Salt Lake City Sold
  135. Another dealership sold in Arizona
  136. Another Dealership Sold in California
  137. Another Dealership Sold in California